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    After a series of strict and professional certification review work,wenzhou hermano electric company Obtained ZhejiangMade title on February,2023.

    After decades of development, Zhejiang province has become a “big manufacturing province”, which has vigorously promoted the industrialization and modernization process of the province.
    “ZhejiangMade” takes “regional brand build, advanced standard, market certified and international recognition” as the core, uses “standard + certification” as the means, integrates quality, technology, service and reputation, is recognized by the market and society, and represents Zhejiang .Companies who are certified by ZhejiangMade are “leader” of Zhejiang’s manufacturing industry, and the “synonym” of high quality and high level.

    Passed the certification of ZhejiangMade, Wenzhou Hermano Electric Company will continue to carry forward our own value of focus on quality, the government, enterprises, and society will work together to build the “Made in Zhejiang” brand, so that China’s High-quality products sell well all over the world, providing high-quality and price competitive products for consumers all over the world.

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    No.3 Kaiyuan Road,Third-phase Industrial Zone, Zhuangyuan Longwan District, Wenzhou ,Zhejiang

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    Hermano Electric is a years of integrating R&D, manufactures and sales new type of building electrical enterprise. We are specializing in producing and exporting various standard mid- high range wall light switch&socket, plugs, surface mounted wall sockets, circuit breakers, lighting and some other low voltage light socket and switch products.
    Wenzhou Hermano Electric Co,Ltd