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    It’s March again, the season of red flowers and green willows. At the end of March, we had a group birthday party for the March birthdays.

    At 5 p.m. on March 29, everyone gathered in the conference room on the fourth floor. For this birthday, the company prepared a variety of snacks and cakes. Host Wei Tianjiao said: “I wish everyone a happy birthday, I am very happy to gather here to celebrate the birthday of the friends who are born in March.” It’s the beginning of this birthday party.

    At the banquet,they are happy laughing and talking , separated from daily work, and enjoyed the happiness of this moment to the fullest. We also prepared a game which need hand down the flower along with the music.When music end whoever holds the flowers will perform.Many of the friends show their talents.Because of the game, the scene atmosphere is more exciting.

    Finally, our host sent birthday cards full of blessings to our friends, no matter the passage of time, this beautiful blessing will always stay in the moment. We believe that our full blessing they will receive and buried in the heart, as long as once think of this moment, the heart will be full of moving again.

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