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    Compared with other materials, PC material has strong impact resistance, and a good PC shell can not crack even if it is hit with a hammer. In addition, PC also has the advantages of heat resistance and aging resistance, and is not easy to deform under high temperature environments. Due to its strong resistance to ultraviolet rays, it will not change color even after long-term use.

    In the electrical industry, such as wall light switches and sockets, PC and PVC materials have high strength and are known as bulletproof rubber, which has strong advantages in flame resistance, insulation, high temperature resistance and impact resistance, etc. Our switch socket panel materials are generally based on PC. As a best wall light electric switch manufacturer, we mainly manufacture competitive pricing 1 gang 1, 2 way light wall switch, rj45 data outlet socket, homekit light switch dimmer, EU standard plastic panel, etc.

    In the use of pc series switch and data outlet sockets, the following points should be noted:

    The surface of the plastic wall light switch sockets can be treated with frosting as far as possible. The surface frosting treatment can effectively conceal many injection defects, such as weld lines, flow lines, cold spots, shrinkage marks, etc. The frosted surface is very beneficial for injection molding automation, assembly automation, and fast logistics. The suction cup of the injection manipulator can be directly contacted, and it can be directly collected in the tray during injection. The parts are not easy to scratch when flowing through the automatic vibration plate of the assembly robot. Even with proper friction during the entire logistics turnover process, the surface quality will not be affected.

    The injection molding process of different plastics, especially the melting temperature, will be different even if the melting temperature of materials of similar specifications and grades from the same manufacturer is different. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the classification and recycling of recycled materials to avoid defects caused by different melting temperatures of the mixture.

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