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Around 1880, Edison invented the lamp holder and switch, creating the history of wall light switch and socket production. Later, German Electrical Engineer Augusta Raucci further proposed the concept of electrical switch. The early manufacturers of switch and socket were mainly concentrated in the developed countries in the United States and Europe, leading the world.

It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that general motors of the United States began to produce household glass light switches in Shanghai, China. The real beginning of China's electrical industry was in 1914, when Qian tangsen founded Qian Yongji electrical machinery factory in Shanghai. Then in 1916, the domestic production of electrical switch products began. In fact, before 1949, there were few and very small manufacturers of surface mounted wall sockets and switchs in China, and the technology was very single.

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1970s - first generation switch: pull switch

The switch that China just started to produce is mainly the horizontal wheel type pull wire switch, and the shape, type and material are uneven, so the quality is difficult to guarantee. It was not until 1970s that the first conference of indoor bakelite stay wire switch was held that the process of switch standardization was started. It can be said that the cable type switch is the first generation of switch products in the sense. And this kind of stay wire switch also prevailed until the middle and late 1980s, and was gradually eliminated.

80s - second generation switch: thumb switch

The birth of the second generation of switches in China originated from Qisheng Electric's first introduction of "nail" type panel light switch with led indicator in China, which achieved a breakthrough in appearance. Since then, the button switch has been popular in China for more than ten years with its excellent durability. Even now, there is still a certain demand in some parts of China.

Mid-1990s -- third generation switch: rocker switch

With the improvement of people's living standard, people pay more and more attention to the interior decoration of home, which undoubtedly becomes a big driving force for the transformation of the switch industry, especially in the design of appearance. Therefore, the launch of TCL International electrician "k4.0" series of large rocker switch, its fashionable appearance immediately attracted people's attention, and became the actual third generation of switch products and has been popular up to now.

New era -- the fourth generation switch: intelligent switch

With the continuous progress and maturity of science and technology, modern switch industry in addition to the continuation of the original shape change, more electrical outlet with light switch manufacturers began to turn their attention to the development of its functions, including a variety of remote touch switches, intelligent fire switches, etc. Almost, the development trend of the fourth generation switch products began to turn into the development competition of intelligent switch products.

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