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European standard wall switch: wall light switch refers to the electrical switch installed on the wall, used to connect and disconnect the circuit, control the switch of the floodlight. Our European standard wall switch has strong practicability and wide range of use, which can be applied to control lamps and lanterns in home, office, hotel and building decoration. The European standard wall switch has the difference between double control and single control. Each unit of double control has one more terminal than single control. A lamp can be controlled in the room and can also be controlled outside the room, which is called double control. Double-control switch can be used as single control, but single-control low voltage light switch cannot be used as double control.

We are the manufacturer of European standard switches and sockets. Our switches are suitable for European countries and meet the European standards for switch production and use. We are a professional switch manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience and good technical foundation.

Technical Parameters of European standard wall switch:

Inside Material:

copper, silver contactor AgCd20

protection degree:


Wire cross-section diameters (mm2):

min-max: 1.5~4

Rated current/Voltage:

10AX,  220 ~ 250 V

Back  Wiring Method:

Screw connection

Overall dimensions:



1pcs/poly  bag, 10PCS/inner  box, 100PCS/CTN







We have many different series of European standard wall switches, according to the material classification, we have PC series, glass series, aluminum, zinc alloy switch. PC material has a high strength, known as bulletproof rubber, flame retardant, insulation, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and other aspects have a strong advantage. Glass series with exquisite design, good contact and feel smooth, effectively prevent oxidation, not easy to be ignited by high temperature. In addition, it has a strong and stable structure. Aluminum products with high strength, diverse colors, good conductivity, thermal conductivity, safety and energy saving, very suitable for electrical switch socket. Zinc alloys are alloys consisting of zinc and other elements. The switch socket and panel of this material are corrosion resistant, enabling precision and dimensional stability. Different materials have different features, you can buy European light switch according to your needs.

In addition to the material distinction, there are many details of our different European standard wall switches, welcome to inquire, we can also meet the needs of personalized customization.

Features of our European standard wall switch:

① Our European standard wall switch structure design is reasonable, strong and durable. The module base is suitable for round and square mounting boxes. The switch base adopts steel frame multi-point riveting, and the structure is firm and stable. Copper socket components using phosphorus bronze (94% copper, 6% tin), high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, and is a one-time molding, not riveting, safety and energy saving.

② Our European standard wall switches are made of high-quality materials to ensure product quality and safety. The switch material is made of high quality phosphor copper and silver with exquisite design, good contact, effective prevention of oxidation, and thick phosphor copper with good elasticity and smooth feel. Plastic material guarantee: PC-V1 grade 650℃-850℃, PA6 Grade V0, 960℃, all passed glow filament test, high flame retardant, high temperature resistance. Contact material is silver oxide alloy, no arc.

③ We have accumulated more than ten years of experience in this switch and socket industry, and have summed up some technical experience. For example, the original "V" automatic repair design ensures good performance of copper parts after 10,000 USES. Original strong breaking technology to ensure the safety and reliability of the switch.

④ Our European standard wall switches are not only made of excellent materials, but also focus on the user experience as much as possible. The LL shock absorber reduces the sound when switching. The claw around the concave structure, easy to install quickly, do not hurt the hand. Counter screw prevents screws from falling off or losing when loosened.

⑤ We not only pursue quality, but also pay attention to appearance design. Our aluminum and glass light switches are elegant and fashionable in design, safe in operation and convenient in installation.

FAQ about European standard wall switch:

1: How to choose a suitable European standard wall switch?

① The quality of European standard wall switch:the quality of the product is good ability that satisfies the consumption demand of consumer, the product with good quality is used just at ease, especially switch and socket. These are the product that concerns with domestic use safety, what should notice above all is safety. Consumers must observe the quality of products from the aspects of appearance, weight, texture, workmanship and materials used before purchasing products. Good quality products are meticulous in the work, and the appearance design is also very particular, the material used is better, so the quality of the good products will be better, a full range of consideration to buy satisfactory products.

② Design: product design needs to fully consider the needs of users, from the perspective of consumers, to fully meet consumer demand. For example, our switches use shock absorbers, hoping to give the user a good experience in detail.

③ The material: Besides the level of craftsmanship and science and technology, the material of the product is also very important, the best switch socket brand products, the material used must be high safety, so that consumers at ease. For example, our plastic series switch is made of high quality PC material with certain anti-flame retardant, anti-crack, insulation, impact resistance, etc., and is not easy to deform and fade, which greatly improves the safety of the product and further ensures the safety of the electric environment, so that consumers can rest assured to use. Safer materials are also used internally.

2: What security risks should I pay attention to when using the European standard wall switch?

The room is in when decorating, want to use all sorts of wall switch, socket to want tens of as much as, inferior wall switch can appear before long spark phenomenon, bring safety hidden trouble to our life. It is very important to have a certain understanding of electrical power consumption in daily life, which can avoid unnecessary accidents.

① Correct selection, that is, according to the total capacity of household appliances and specific use environment, choose the right European standard wall switch and socket. Fire switch and wire switch should be used in the place with high humidity. Switch and socket should not be installed indoors where there are corrosive substances or dust. Instead, they should be installed outdoors. Where there is a danger of combustion or explosion, fire or explosion-proof switches and sockets should be used.

② Switch and socket should be installed in a dry, clean and dust-free position as far as possible, so as not to be corroded by moisture and cause bakelwood breakdown and short circuit, which will cause fire. Dust falls into the switch socket and causes short circuit and fire.

③ The rated current and rated voltage of the switch and socket shall be in accordance with the actual use of electricity and shall not be arbitrarily overloaded. The voltage and current of household electricity and household appliances shall be in accordance with the rated power of the switch or socket in use. Long-term use will cause the cable or socket to heat up, destroy the insulation layer or burn.

④ The single - pole switch shall control the fire wire and shall not be connected to the zero wire. Otherwise, human contact with the reactor line will also cause an electric shock accident. Once the wire is grounded, a short circuit may occur and even cause a fire.

⑤ Switches and sockets should be repaired and replaced in time after aging and damage. When going out, sleeping or sudden power failure, it is necessary to cut off the power supply in time, especially the electric appliances should pay more attention.

⑥ Lamp socket overload is very prone to accidents. Therefore, the electric iron, electric stove, air conditioner and other high-power electrical appliances should not be connected to the lamp socket for use, so as not to cause fire.

⑦ If the plug is damaged, it should not be used, more can not replace the plug into the socket with two wires, which is very easy to cause short circuit and sparks, causing combustible fire and even electric shock to endanger the life of the danger.

3. Why choose our European standard wall switch?

① Brand reputation and reputation: The quality of our brand is not judged by the quality of the advertisement, but by the consumers' evaluation after the product is put into the market.The reputation of our products is passed on, especially in the European market.

We are a professional manufacturer with more than 10 years experience in switch and socket production. At a competitive price we can provide a beautiful switch, we can provide fast delivery and cheap transport, we have our own forwarder (contract) for a long time, we have the best discount in the transportation costs, if you are looking for a suitable manufacturer of switch and outlet, we are looking forward to become your long-term partner.

② Reasonable process to provide a good consumption experience:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours.

We can produce according to your samples or drawings. Samples will be provided free of charge, but the shipping cost will be borne by the customer. If you are not satisfied with our sample, we can modify and optimize it until you are satisfied.

100% inspection, switch test, screw salt spray test for each product when shipped.

When you receive our products, our after-sales department can help you with any problems.

③ Cost-effective choice: under the premise of ensuring product quality, provide the lowest price. We value long-term cooperation and are willing to be your long-term partner at a more favorable price.

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