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French sockets are suitable for European countries and conform to European socket production standards and use. Hermano Electric french socket can be divided into flush mounting and surface mounting. Surface mounting refers to the wire and bottom box are exposed on the surface of the wall when they are installed. It’s very convenient and fast speed to install. On the contrary, flush mounting refers to install the wire inside the wall and its bottom box is installed in the wall. The only one panel will be highlighted on the wall surface after being installed, which is both safe and very beautiful. It’s often used in families, restaurants, cafes, libraries and so on. 

According to different panel material and appearance, Hermano Electric french sockets are divided into different series, such as PC, toughened glass, aluminum, mental zinc, single french socket and double French wall outlet socket. PC is a kind of material with excellent thoughness without deformation, chemical resistance and high strength. In addition, its fireproof performance is very famous. It’s not easy to be broken or cracked during use, and the life span of the product is longer. Glass panel socket is more fashion and simplicity. It gives people a comfortable visual impact. Aluminium material is strong, durable, light in weight and resistant to corrosion.

French socket of flush mounting

A special process has been used in its panel surface to make the panel has a better texture and very popular with people. Zinc alloy has high wear resistance. Because its surface is very smooth and elegant, people usually choice it to decor their house. We also provide variety colors for your choice. You can choose different surface mounted wall sockets according to your own needs. Otherwise, in order to better satisfy Hermano Electric customers, we also support to make your brand. Whether OEM or ODM, both available.

Features of Hermano Electric french socket:

1. Hermano Electric french socket have two kind of appearances. One panel design is curved surface and another is smooth surface. This simple design makes Hermano Electric socket more fashion and delicateness.

2. Socket is made of high-quality materials. The high strength PA material (960℃) make sure the better fireproof performance and the base is multipoint riveted with steel frame ensures the product is more firm, steady and reliable. 

3. The design of the French wall outlet socket is light, elegant, simple and fashionable. The appearance thickness of the socket is 1.2cm close to the wall, which is not prominent and almost seamlessly combined with the wall. 

4. The claws are surrounding by invaginated structure, it makes installation convenient and rapid without hurting hands. Anti-back screws prevent the screw from dropping and missing when unscrewing. We adopt “arch bridge” idea for base design, increased the touching space of wiring, meanwhile make the wall mounted power socket the stable without deformation. 

5. The tin-phosphor bronze with good wear resistance and elasticity is selected as the conductive material, and the jack is still used smoothly after 10000 times of plug tests.

6. Hermano Electric French wall socket is standard grounding. When electrical appliances leak, the electricity will be channeled through the ground wire to avoid electric shocks. This way to protect the user's safety and prevent equipment from being damaged. So users don’t worry about leakage. It' s very safety.

Why choose us:

Hermano Electric products are high quality and safe! We hope to establish a long-term and stable relationship with our customers. All the products we sell are guaranteed with quality! If there is any problem in the quality of Hermano Electric products, as long as we committed, we will be responsible to the end.

Price is not the most important factor in deciding to buy, but reliable quality and high cost performance are the most important. We always focus on quality of our products and will earn a little less than peers, give customer a little more profit!

Stable long-term cooperative relationship! We are a professional manufacturer with more than 10 years experience in switch and socket production. After more than ten years of experience, Hermano Electric products and technology have also become more mature in the wall mounted plug socket market. Meanwhile, we obtained a strong research and development group. In order to establish a long-term good relationship, as long as there are customer needs is all we have to do!

We provide more diverse and flexible solutions to meet your needs! We will carefully record your every requirement, and try our best to solve the problem for you. We welcome your valuable comments on Hermano Electric products, prices, services, quality and other requirements. We may not be able to solve all, but we will bear in mind and strive to meet your requirements!

Product Description


Panel material imported from Korea, American Dupont and Japan. Inside material is copper, silver contactor AgCd20. Shell material is flame retardant PC plastic.


Mounting dimension:60mm

corner distance:60mm

panel size:86*86mm


1pcs/poly bag, 10PCS/inner box, 100PCS/CTN

Back Wiring Method

Screw connection

Rated Voltage/Current





White, Ivory and customized color acceptable 







The socket is not as big as other electrical equipment, but it is related to the daily safety of the family, and is the first line of defense to ensure our safety of household electrical. In order to ensure the quality of products, we focus on the safety work from the source, so that customers can rest assured. We combined with customer feedback, the product after repeated experimental testing, to make the product more optimized. We also have obtained TUV, CE and CB certificates with the most product safety and quality assurance that you can buy with confidence.


Q: What if I receive a product that doesn’t match the description?

A:We will provide samples for customers' reference by free.

Q:Whether can made our brand?

A:OEM/ODM, both available.

Q:What certification have you obtained?

A:We have obtained TUV, CE and CB.

Q:How to solve the after-sale problem?

A:We have professional after-sales to  solve your problems.

Q:When will the goods be delivered?

A: 25 working days after we received deposit

Q:How long about product’s lifetime?

A:10 years

More questions are welcome by E-mail: [email protected] or telephone.

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