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Switch socket is the electrical switch and socket installed on the wall. It is used to connect and disconnect the household appliances used in the circuit. Sometimes, it can be used as decoration for the sake of beauty.

electrical switch and socket

How to choosing electrical sockets and switches? 

1. Quality:

The quality of switch socket determines its safety, and also directly affects the safety of household electricity. In the process of using the poor wall switch socket, there are often sparks, which may lead to electric shock and fire. Therefore, quality is very important. First of all, it depends on what kind of material it is made of. For example, the shell of bull's wall switch socket is made of imported PC material, which is not only solid and reliable, but also has certain fire resistance. PC material is recognized as the best switch panel material in the industry. It has outstanding performance in flame retardant, insulation, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and other aspects compared with nylon 66 and other materials in the past.

2. Function:

All the major brands in the switch and socket industry have upgraded their products' functions, and some of them have realized the triple lightning protection function. Some products like bull not only have triple lightning protection function, but also designed a socket with double protective doors for children, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents for children. These two functions are helpful to protect the safety of families.

3. Shell material:

The main switch brands in the market generally choose PC material, which is also called bulletproof glue. The characteristics of impact resistance, high temperature resistance and color resistance are very important for the control of electrical switches. The front panel and back base of a better switch are made of PC material, while the general switch will replace PC material with black nylon material on the base, so the cost can be reduced a lot.

In the same way, many switch manufacturers use PC materials made in China (even if the standard is Ge in the United States, it is actually made by domestic cooperative factories, only sold by GE). In fact, no domestic company has the ability to produce PC materials. The so-called domestic products are generally reprocessed with recycled materials, so the impurities are relatively high, it will be very brittle, and the heat resistance is obviously poor. Poor switch in order to reduce the cost of front panel may not use PC material, with mixture or ABS instead. These materials not only have poor impact resistance and heat resistance, but also are prone to discoloration and rough surface.

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