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We believe that the electrical items of every families may be inevitably present a scene of damage. And if your family have this problem ,do you choose to repair or replace them? Nowadays ,the repair fees is very expensive .Therefore,many people choose to repair it by themselves. There are some repair methods about the sockets problem.

what should I do if the surface mounted wall sockets are loose?

1. Because the loose ground socket is not easy to power on, it is also dangerous. When repairing, first cut off the power supply and remove the shell of the ground socket. Bend the metal sheet that contacts the plug towards the inside, and also remove the dust inside by the way.

2. There are two situations that can lead to unstable contact between the plug and the socket if the socket is loose. The solution mentioned above is aging of the copper strip of the socket and elastic deterioration. There is also a poor quality socket, socket copper thin, deformation, so replace the best.

coloured surface mounted wall sockets

3. It's easy to loosen the wires in the socket box by "disturbing" it often, but if the wires in the socket are fastened, it won't affect the use, even though the socket box is loose, it doesn't need to be too concerned. For example, the air conditioner is used all year round.

4. Using a screwdriver to remove the shell, screw out the screws on the side of the screw slot for reinforcement, and replace the main fixing screws that can not be tightened. Remember to power off first!

How to repair the socket when it falls off?

1. Because the space of the socket cassette is very small, the operation may not be too smooth. We can use a long screw to connect with the artifact support rod, so that we can plug small objects in. With long screws, there are many operations;

2. Rotate the upper and lower screws of the support rod, lengthen the support rod, firmly counter the upper and lower parts of the socket cassette, and then remove the long screws for auxiliary installation;

3. Then fix the socket panel and smart sensor with screws;

4. The final installation is finished. Let's see if it looks the same as the original one. I don't see the repaired appearance at all.

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