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The obvious difference between flush and surface mount wall light switch is the appearance and application scenarios. The mounted box of flush -type switch is fixed inside the wall,while the surface-type mounted box is installed outside the wall. Compared with  flush-type, surface-type mounted switch is usually applied in some specific scenes. Such as ancient architecture, wooden houses, temporary places, factory, shopping mall, supermarket, warehouse,etc. In these cases above,people may change the circuit frequently. Surface mounted switch is a good choice because of its convenience in installation and remove. For example, if you have a wooden or steel house, it seems difficult to hide the wire into the wall or ceiling. In this situation, surface mounted switch will be recommended to fit the exposed-wire circuit. You can imagine how ugly it will be if you adopt the flush-type as the whole bottom exposed outside . 

Surface Mounted 2-gang-2-way Switch

As a professional manufacturer, HERMANO provide various surface mounted switches for your choice. 2 gang 2 way switch is our hot selling item. 2-gang means there are two isolate buttons on the panel,each one can control a electric appliance independently. 2-way means there are two different ways inside each button,so that you can control the power(on/off) in two different places. We call it double-control. Double-control switch can be used as single control, but single-control low voltage light switch cannot be used as double control. You can flexibly make the choice according to your own need.

The connection method for surface-type 2 gang 2 way switch for light is as below:

The connection method for surface-type 2 gang 2 way switch

Additionally,our panel is made of high grade PC with great performance of electric insulation, flame-retardant,corrosion resistance, etc. Also HERMANO adopt higher cost contact point material(Ag Alloy) to decrease the electric arc to keep our family,especially child safe. What worth be mentioned is our particular structure design of frame, which makes our product non-deformed for a long period. Meanwhile,HERMANO use PA6 as the foundation due to its outstanding flame  resistance(960℃). Besides, HERMANO have three basic color: white,black,silver. Contact us for more personalized requirement. Self brand as well as OEM/ODM is available.

Technical Parameters & Specification:

Panel/Base Material:

Panel:PC       Base:PA6

Internal Material

Wire:Copper    Contact point:Ag Cd Alloy

Protection degree:


Rated Current/Voltage:

10A,  220 ~ 250 V

Back  Wiring Method:

Screw Connection


1pcs/poly bag, 12PCS/inner box, 120PCS/CTN

Payment Accepted:







35 days after getting confirmed order

EU standard switch means the switch which is following the European Standard and usually applied in the European countries. Certainly it also can be used in some other non-Europe countries. HERMANO have been focusing on manufacturing EU standard wall modern light switches & surface mounted sockets since HERMANO established and insist on the belief that quality is life. So HERMANO have developed a strict quality control system to ensure each piece of product under control.With the advantage of excellent cost performance and competitive product quality,HERMANO already broad our business all over the world and gradually develop a firm and long-term relationship with our customers. HERMANO firmly believe only by this way, HERMANO can step forward together with our business partners. 

Why Choose Our Product?

1.Product Competitiveness:

After more than ten years development,HERMANO have grown up to a scaled and high- efficient company with a unique, excellent management system.Also HERMANO have a completed related supply chain to ensure our product stable and consistence.

2.Before-after-sale Service:

We have skilled and experienced staff . All your inquiry will be answered or replied within 24h. So please feel comfortable to email us whatever for cooperation or complain. HERMANO will solve your issues as soon as possible.


1.Q:How to identify the surface mounted switch and flush switch?

   A:The mounted box of surface mounted switch is floating on the wall,while the flush switch is hided inside the wall.

2.Q:When should i choose surface mounted switch?

   A: It generally depends on the following points:Is it possible to distribute your circuit inside the wall? If impossible, surface-type is the best choice definitely. Another factor is the duration of the circuit will be stayed. If you plan to remove or change the circuit frequently, the surface-type is also recommended.

3.Q: What certification have your product passed?

   A: Yes, our product is certified by CB,CE,TUV.

4.Q:If i want use my own brand, is it possible?

   A:Yes, OEM/ODM is accepted.


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