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    In order to improve team cohesion and make all staffs have a relaxing time after work, Wenzhou Hermano held a two-day group building event on 13th,May and 14st May.

    At the 8:30am, all staffs gathering in the company, we came to the site of the group building-Hengdian by bus. The main content of activity of first day was make all colleagues relax, we visited the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, then all staffs had a rest after lunch, we went to Dream Valley. The activity of the first day was finished, we went back to the hotel to rest the make full preparations for the activities of the second day.  

    The main content of the second day is group activities, the site is in Daming Palace. All the staffs were randomly divided into four teams, selected the team leader and created the team name and slogan. The four groups played PK by playing some games, using the points system. The final winning team got the corresponding rewards, and the last one also had the corresponding small punishments. The two days of group building ended in laughter, and everyone sat on the bus back again.

    This group building activity relaxed everyone’s body and mind, making everyone to enjoy the happiness when their free time and feel the cohesion of the team.

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