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    In order to strengthen and improve the awareness of fire prevention of all staffs and the safety of the workshop, Wenzhou Hermano electric Co.ltd organized the fire drill on 26th, May.

    At the 4:00 pm, smoke bombs are lit by a dedicated colleague, then all staffs in the workshop and office ran from upstairs to downstairs, gathering on the playground of company. The head of each department counts the number of his own department, making sure all colleagues have on the safe space.

    First of all, Manager Wang shared some knowledge of fire prevention, introduced several common types of fire extinguishers, and demonstrated how to use the fire extinguisher correctly.

    Several colleagues were invited to come up to operate the fire extinguisher, and they extinguished the burning items, then Manager Wang pointed out some colleagues’ incorrect operations and made a summary.

    This fire drill let all the staff’s awareness of fire fighting has been consolidated and promoted, we believe that we can have a good awareness of fire fighting in the future work and life.

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