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    HERMANO held a workshop mobilization meeting of the company On April 15, which was the summary of the workshop for a month.

    The content of this meeting includes the selection of excellent teams, of which the No. 1 team led by An millet won the first place. Excellent team is No. 11 team Jiang Bingbing, hope that the award-winning employees continue to work hard, failed to win the award employees to their example, compared to catch up.

    This week, the good thing is that employee Li Guilin found an effective way to solve the problem of machine failure through active communication with other partners, which saves a lot of time and manpower for the company, and shows the proactive spirit of our employees in the face of difficulties. We hope all employees of our company can learn this spirit from Li Guilin when they encounter problems. Actively solve and improve work efficiency.

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    Hermano Electric is a years of integrating R&D, manufactures and sales new type of building electrical enterprise. We are specializing in producing and exporting various standard mid- high range wall light switch&socket, plugs, surface mounted wall sockets, circuit breakers, lighting and some other low voltage light socket and switch products.
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