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    From April 16 to 18,2024, the Middle East Energy Exhibition was held in Dubai World Trade Center.Wenzhou Hermano Electric Co., Ltd.carried a variety of switch socket products.

    It is reported that during the exhibition, the Dubai area was hit by super heavy rain. For several days, the rain caused serious water accumulation on the ground, which affected the normal holding of the Middle East Energy Exhibition. In the face of this sudden situation, our team quickly adjusted its strategy and transformed the planned activities into visits to local old customers.

    During the visit, our team deeply understood the changes in demand in the local market, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with customers on product upgrading and market expansion. This visit not only strengthened the cooperation with old customers, but also laid a solid foundation for the company ‘s long-term development in the Middle East.

    Although the Middle East Energy Show was cancelled due to weather reasons, our team still showed a high degree of professionalism and professionalism. They are not afraid of difficulties, actively respond, with practical action to interpret the company ‘s service concept and brand spirit.

    Although this trip to Dubai failed to participate in the exhibition as scheduled, our team not only gained valuable market information by actively visiting old customers, but also further consolidated its relationship with customers. This has laid a solid foundation for the company ‘s future market expansion in the Middle East, and also demonstrated the company ‘s positive attitude and ability to respond to challenges.
      In the future, Hermano will continue to adhere to the service concept of ” Focus On Quality, customer first ” constantly optimize products and services, strengthen communication and cooperation with customers, and provide customers in the Middle East with more high-quality and efficient solutions.

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    Hermano Electric is a years of integrating R&D, manufactures and sales new type of building electrical enterprise. We are specializing in producing and exporting various standard mid- high range wall light switch&socket, plugs, surface mounted wall sockets, circuit breakers, lighting and some other low voltage light socket and switch products.
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